Nida’s Playlist

Here’s more of what I’ve been listening to lately! I promise they’re all good- check them out!

  • Penny / Johnny Stimson / x
  • Someone I Used to Know / Johnny Stimson / x
  • Here We Go Again / Johnny Stimson / x
  • Dreaming / Smallpools / x
  • Thinkin’ Bout You / Frank Ocean // Daniela Andrade Cover / x
  • Lions / Ace Enders (or I Can Make a Mess Like Nobody’s Business) / x
  • Had to Be There / I Can Make a Mess Like Nobody’s Business / x
  • So Long, So Long (F&S Sessions) / Transit / x
  • Ho Ho Hopefully / The Maine / x
  • Lemonade / Jeremy Passion / x
  • I’ll be Home for Christmas / Cameron Mitchell ft. Aprilchase / x
  • Panic Cord / Gabrielle Aplin / x
  • Skinny Love / Cameron Mitchell / x
  • Under the Mistletoe / Christofer Drew ft. Dia Frampton / x

An update on what I’ve been listening to lately. ♪(´ε` )

  • Uneasy Hearts Weigh the Most // Dance Gavin Dance [x]
  • Turn Off the Lights, I’m Watching Back to the Future // Dance Gavin Dance [x]
  • Puppy Love // This Wild Life [x]
  • There, There // The Wonder Years [x]
  • Long Lost Friends (Futures & Sutures Sessions) // Transit [x]
  • (Everything is) Debatable // Hellogoodbye [x]
  • Sweater Weather // The Neighbourhood [x]
  • Wicked Games (Explicit) // The Weeknd [x]
  • Seasons // Tim Atlas [x]
  • If I Tremble // Front Porch Step [x]
Today Is A Beautiful Day
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eternity-overnight: umm whats the name of the song in your profile? (currently) I know I heard it somewhere before but I just can't get the gist of it.

Hi. ~ It’s the OST of an anime called Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun. Here’s the link(s) to the song(s). I’ve linked them, so just click on “one” or “two” to be directed to them. ( one | two) Have a great day. :)

Anonymous: more please! do you have an last fm or something so i can check up on your playlist? ;o

Sure thing. :) I just made one, haha. I’m not sure I’m gonna use it though. If you have spotify, that’s better. :P My username is 1234700998. I also have a Pandora if you use that. 

Here’s more for you just in case. :) Oh, beware of my Green River Ordinance spasms. I’m crazy over them. LOL

Anonymous: yea like ones on your tumblr! i need lots of songs cause i get tired of them easily! i like expanding my music list! (:

okay, here we go! Hopefully, I get in the range of music you want. :3 I have linked all of them, so you can just click on it and it’ll redirect you to the song. :D

This is all I have for now, I’m a bit busy! If you’re not satisfied, message me again & I’ll give you more if I can. (: I hope this helps! 

Anonymous: your taste in music is awesome! do you have a music player where you can share your taste in music or favorite songs? >__< that would be so awesome!

I actually don’t! But now I do, just for you, anon. (:

Here you go:

That’s a playlist I made of not even half of my music haha. (The suggestion box is your friend, btw ♥) I’ll keep adding more to it. :D Enjoy~ ^^

acupofkeen: OMG. I love your default song. May i please have the link or at least the name of it?

YES MA’AM. asdskadjsad I’m SO in love with it. ♥ You can watch, listen, hear etc. it here. :)

Today Is A Beautiful Day
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youwantabetterstory: hey! don't mind me asking, what's the first track [001] on your playlist? it's absolutely beautiful though.

hello ^^ oh haha, I don’t mind (:  Here you go. ♥

【少年T】 愛言葉-piano ver- 【歌ってみた】

I’ve linked it so you can just click on it. ^^ Enjoy<3

help please!

So I’ve been looking around and trying to figure out how to make my music player play on only one tab if you open multiple tabs on my blog. An example would be atmospherica’s blog. But I know she probably won’t answer it sooo.. if someone knows how please help me. ; ; ?

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watchyouractions: what website did u use to put music on your blog? I can't figure that out:/ Your blog is very cute!
hellomilly: hey hey o3o do you mind giving me the songs of your playlist? They are super amazing >////<!!!!

Sure (:

Here they are:

Last Train Home ~ still far

One More Time, One More Chance - Masayoshi Yamazaki

To Zanarkand

I’ve linked them, so just click on them ^^


heres some songs from my playlist.

Time - Persona Music Live Band Soundtrack

Pledge - The GazettE

Kimi Ga Suki - Shimizu Shota

Here In Your Arms Acoustic - Hellogoodbye

14th’s Song - D. Gray Man

The Name of Life - Spirited Away