I tried. Was suddenly inspired by A Rocket to The Moon’s “I Do” from their new album “Wild & Free.” :’)
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I wanna live with you in a big city, in not a big, but perfect house. Theres something cozy and romantic about it, a perfect little house on the west coast, in a big Californian city. It makes me warm inside thinking about it. I wanna wake up in the middle of the night and know its just not a dream, but reality that youre really next to me. I wanna photograph you a lot and make you happy. I wanna make you amazing meals because I like it when I’m the reason youre smiling. I really really do. I wanna have a big bed with only half of it occupied because our bodies will be so close when were in bed. I want simple things with you. Like the way the sun will reflect off your handsome skin oh so gorgeously. Or the way you look at me with your sleepy eyes. I want a future with you. And i see it.


Came home after a long New Year’s Eve & found a package on the stairs for me! I got Ronald’s late Christmas gift today. It’s a new addition to the camera lens family: Diana Lens! Thank you! I told you you didn’t have to get me anything because I don’t need anything. Nonetheless, I can’t wait to try it out. I’ll show you when I do. :) 
Thank you for everything this year. I love you. xx 
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My boyfriend »»
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He’s so cute. :’) I love my boyfriend.
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Let me just…die happy.
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Can we just say, the best birthday ever? (‘: #mybirthday (Taken with Instagram)
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Let’s get out of this boring town for one night and do things we’ve never done before. I don’t mean that bad of things. I mean stuff like sitting on a cliff and gazing at the constellations. Reading weird books in the library. I mean buying a bunch of snacks from 7-11 to eat in the car while we listen to songs nobody would ever care to appreciate as we drive around. I mean going to the cinemas to see a movie without actually watching it. I mean doing innocently rebellious things. Take tons of silly pictures in a different town and have people stare at us. We don’t even need anyone else. Just you and I would be perfect. Let’s go on a soul adventure. 

I can’t help but smile foolishly when I look at these & think of you.
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We went to Dallas today & I showed him how Asian I was LOL. While we were in HMART, all he said was “Wow. This place is so Asian!” I made him take sticker pictures & it was hilarious at how slow we were. In result, we got a lot of derp pictures and less cutesy ones, but hey. It was fun. (:
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At first, I didn’t know how to miss you. Maybe just your texts and calls here and there or maybe seeing you on Skype. What do I learn to miss when I’ve never touched you?I just didn’t know what to miss.

Then everything changed. I met you in person.

Now I know the pain of missing someone. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve missed people and places..but this missing is a different one. I get all these mixed up feelings and then I try to hold back the tears, but sometimes, I can’t stop them. But when I think about the little memories we had together, I smile and laugh at how cute you were, how your lips felt against mine. How you smiled playfully at me. Or how invincible we were at that moment. How infinite we were. I love and cherish all of those little infinities that you’ve given me.

I’ll miss you. Until then, "It’s not goodbye. It’s see you later. I love you."

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Woke up at 7 AM and got a text from the boyfriend to check for something in my front porch. After 30 minutes I finally found sunflowers in the most obvious place. I’m so slow..LOL. I was completely surprised how he got them at 2 in the morning…It was all okay until I read his note on a stupid coffee stirring stick. “It’s not goodbye. It’s see you later. I love you.” To be honest. I wasn’t even close to crying, but reading those lines made me tear up so bad. I’ll miss you. Until then. “It’s see you later. I love you.” :’) (Taken with Instagram)
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'Cause if I had you here with me, the best day of my life everyday. (: —Our first akward date. Ever. (Taken with Instagram)
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