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Love love their new song. Entering this contest! Picture’s a little messy..but hopefully its legible..didn’t wanna get rid of the Long Beach sign, so I had to deal with a little awkward placement..
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littlegreenipod: Hi! :) I stumbled across your blog and I just realized how similar we are. HAHAHA. We're the same age, we're both aspiring photographers and I'm also trying to go into pharmacy. :O

hi!!! It’s so exciting to meet people who have similar interest as myself! Are you a senior?! And if where, what school are you wanting to go to. :)


vintage blog ❂
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Lukaluka: Cats Cats Cats
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can’t wait to own dogs with u

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Had the honor of making my best friend’s corsage tonight. (: hanfmade bows by me in the back! Its been an artsy craftsy week! ♡♡
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Valley Brink Road
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