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My new favourite place.
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Roasted Strawberry White Cake w/Velvet Cream Cheese Icing | The Moonblush Baker on We Heart It.
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Shiba Inu Brownies | Clockwork Lemon
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Captain Teemo!
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My #etudehouse haul. Can you tell I’m mostly into lip products? 😝 #makeup #lips
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Anonymous: in your opinion nikon d5100 or cannon t3i is better? why did you choose nikon? i'm leaning towards nikon but i want to here from you! :D

I have used both before, but the Canon T3i briefly only because it was school owned. First thing I wanna point out is, Nikons and Canons definitely feel different when you hold them in hand. Maybe it’s my lack of experience, but I felt like Canons are easier to point and shoot with auto-focus, so maybe it’ll be better for an entry level photographer? I am definitely not a pro at any of this as I have lots to learn still, but this is just how I feel personally. The resolution for the Canon is 18.00 Megapixels, while the Nikon is 16.20 megapixels. Also- If you are looking price-wise, the Canon T3i is a tad cheaper, but only by a $100 to the Nikon D5100. If you’re looking for the pop-out screen, both have this feature. :)

All in all, I think the Canon T3i is a better deal if you are buying your first camera. 

Anonymous: what dslrs do you own and all the lenses you own? just curious lilttle monkey hurrrr :D

You’re being too friendly having Anon turned on, imo. :P

I own an old Nikon D40, and I recently got the D5100 this year. ^^

I own the stock 18-55mm VR lens, 55-200mm VR lens, & Diana Lens+ Super Wide (from Photojojo).

I also got two Vivtar Telephoto Converters: Macro and Micro/Wide. :) 


by Luchie
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i follow back :)
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